Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Denis Leary's Dogs

Denis Leary was a guest on "Rachael Ray" this morning, and discussed his dogs - he has five! He told Rachael he has the biggest dog breed, an Irish Wolfhound named Clancy that weighs over 160 lbs. He also gave his daughter a Chihuahua, which he said "is the size of this fork." The Chihuahua and Irish Wolfhound are best friends (awwww), and the chihuahua is Denis's favorite, even though he has never had a dog that small before.

Rachael also mentioned her dog, Isaboo, a female red nose pitbull. She and Denis might walk their dogs together.


William said...

Christ his house must stink.. between the 5 filthy dogs and his constant cloud of cigarette smoke. It would be a competition what smells worse.. leary or the dogs.

shelby said...

william! what are you doing reading something about dogs when you hate them? that doesn't make sense! have you talked to your therapist about why you visit websites that don't interest you? could be a serious medical problem.

Kels said...

Are you kidding me with that dumb comment William? I have 3 dogs and they are very clean and not "filthy dogs". Think before you speak.